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love reading your newsletters!

they always put a little happiness in my stomach, and in my brain; something to think about and ponder, phrases to be memorized, like "to outsmart insecurity with self-confidence" (also thinking what my therapist would say, in much stricter words ;)), and I think I should have a little fluffy self-confidence for my pocket, to carry around with me for all occasions where it's needed. now I also know why I always prefer dresses with pockets - to carry a little self-confidence with me.

and I also love little insecurity, looking grumpy in his little 1938-matchbox, looking serious in Sirius, what a match.

so thank you for your letters from the inside world, and looking forward to having coffee or so together sometime!

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Oh it's newsletter time! I adore your friends Self Confidence and Insecurity/doubt/mistrust, thanks for sharing them.

I relate to what you said about expectations. I took a personality test recently and one of the questions was something like 'When I meet new people I immediately begin to fear the moment they will inevitably be disappointed in me.' I wonder if you feel that a lot like I did.

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